Sea, ocean

Writing and etymology in Korean
氵 – radical form of the character 水 (water)
母 – mother

해 - sino-korean

The ocean is a treasure chest with an extaordinary and limitless resources hidden in it!

If you like the sea, you will find it much more interesting and enjoyable there than on the land. In the depths of the sea you will see a variety of exotic fish diving around and shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, along with magnificent scenes and a myriad of colors and shades.

It’s impossible not to love the ocean. We need to discover it and we cannot afford to ignore it; the area it occupies is three times the size of the land.

Those people who are interested in the sea will achieve enormous economic power in the future.

The earth is overpopulated with people, so soon people will begin to build more ships and go to sea. In the not too distant future, people in our world will live not only on land but also, on the surface of the sea and in the deep sea.

People have found that almost everything in the sea is edible. They eat many kinds of algae. There is almost everything in the ocean that is found on land. The only way to solve future hunger is through the ocean.

The ocean’s resources are so limitless compared to land! In the future, we will stop using oil, coal, and nuclear power. The possibilities of the latter are very limited. That’s why the ocean will be the only source of energy. Everything will rely on the development of hydrogen energy.

In the future it will be necessary to develop the industry of using the resources of the world ocean. World leaders must learn to protect and care for the oceans.