Writing and etymology in Korean
고 [go] (sino-korean)

The Heavenly Parent created the Universe with absolute love, caring for each being as His beloved object. He emptied Himself and invested, forgetting what He gave, and again gave more and more.

Humans, as masters of the natural world, should care for it, love it as a masterpiece created by the Creator, and teach the creation of love.

The universal law says that the subject should care for its object, just as parents care for their children or teachers care for their students. However, people in our world instead try to use others for their ends. We need to set a good example and thereby educate others in the spirit of the Heavenly principle that the happiness of others should be more precious to us than personal happiness.

Be passionate about caring for others. Never burden anyone. The good man is the one who takes care not only of himself, but also of others. And a bad person is one who shifts his pain to others. By no means keep score of your good deeds. But don’t forget that someone cared about you.

If you appreciate others, love them, and care for them sincerely, even the soul of a bad person will be on your side.

Money can give us what we desire: food, clothing, a home. Undoubtedly, we need money, but it can become a problem for us. If you have money, what do you want to invest it in: love and care for others or the accumulation of power? It should be used for the good of all and for the embodiment of love.

All respectful sons and daughters, patriots and saints, have the same common trait. It is care for others. You must look at everything with eyes that care for others, for country, for the world, for heaven and earth – in other words, you must look at everything with the eyes of God. Your eyes are not there for your successful career, they are there for the good of others – for the salvation of the nation and the liberation of humanity.