Heavenly law

Writing and etymology in Korean
天 (천) [chon] – heaven
倫 (륜) [lyun] – morality, humanity, ethics

Society needs laws because people need social order consistent with an untainted conscience. Where, then, do all human laws originate? The basis for them is Heavenly law.

You may not realize it deeply, but Heavenly law is in effect. Just as people are caught and imprisoned when they break the laws of the country, expect the consequences if you break the Heavenly law.

So what is the Heavenly law? You know what human morality is, but what about Heavenly morality? Heavenly law teaches people to follow the way of goodness by following moral doctrines. Heaven inspired saints and righteous men to bring moral instruction to people. For example, Confucius taught about the Three Obligations and the Five Main Virtues in Human Relationships, and Moses introduced the Ten Commandments. Many people who set out on the spiritual path have worked to establish this way of life.

Because of the Heavenly law, we distinguish right from wrong and determine what is right and what is wrong.

Let the idea be above us and the Heavenly law be above the idea. By rising above Heavenly law, we become traitors. At the same time, by putting the Heavenly Law above you, you make it your shield.

The one who lives harmonizing with the Heavenly law, we can call an honest man.

Let the Heavenly law always be your guiding star. Otherwise, you will not be able to survive.