Writing and etymology in Korean
時 (시) - time, hour, season
間 (간) - between

One who can control time is a great man. Time can give you everything, but it can also take everything away from you. He who can manage time can also manage his own life.

People living on this earth today are limited by time. This has been the case throughout history. Individuals, families, clans, nations, states, and the world exist within a time frame.

In analyzing human life, a person who believes that childhood is a time to prepare for youth has a future. In mature years there is a time to prepare for old age, and in old age there is a time to prepare for the transition to the spiritual world. Our whole life is a training process, a preparatory period necessary to become a person of universal magnitude.

Life is short. We don’t have much time. If people understood this, they wouldn’t want to waste time sleeping and eating.