Past, present, future

Writing and etymology in Korean
과거 현재 미래
[gwageo hyeonjae mirae]
過去 現在 未來
過去 (과과) [gwageo] - past
現在 (현재) [hyeonjae] - present
未來 (미래) [mirae] – future

We modern people are the continuation of the past, the focus of the present, and the initiators of the future.

The ideal is realized where past, present, and future come together.

Don’t think that “even though things are terrible now, they will get better in the future.” You must become perfect now; the problem is in the present. Don’t say, “My family is not good now, but it will become good in the future.” Your family should already be good now. If the past and present are perfect, the future will be perfect too.

The family is the fundamental unit that connects the past, present, and future. It is a microcosm of the whole world. Such a family will be the foundation for eternal happiness. Grandparents represent the past, father, and mother – the present, and sons and daughters – the future. It is in the family that all three are united and can experience the love of three generations.

Loving and respecting grandparents is the same as inheriting the past and learning about the past world. You can learn the present from your parents, and in loving and caring for your children, you inherit the future.

There is nothing more valuable than today, linking the past to the future. You need to have something to be proud of at any given moment. The decision to win or lose is not made in the past or the future, but in the present moment.

We must become the people who bring order to the history of the past and create a new history for the future. Our determination to correct the mistakes of the past, to work vigorously in the present, and to make our way toward a new and happy future must not fade away.