Writing and etymology in Korean
決 (결) [kyeol] - to make a decision, to determine, to judge
定 (정) [cheong] - to decide, to establish

If you look at human life, we all live the same life after birth. Once a person realizes himself, he decides to achieve something, but as he goes along his life path, his determination gradually diminishes. This is the problem.

Without determination in the soul, it is impossible to achieve a perfect action. Perfect action is born out of perfect determination.

Imagine successful people. Could they have succeeded without a firm determination in their souls? It all began with an urge and a plan born in their minds; then they prepared everything necessary and began to move forward persistently toward their goal.

Circumstances do not allow us to live even a month the way we planned. To win, we need the driving force and determination to get through all the twists and turns and all the confusing circumstances. Without this, we won’t be able to execute our plans for the month, and we won’t come out victorious.

When you clearly decide for yourself what you will do, you will need a strong determination to fight to achieve the goal, regardless of any difficulties. Instead of saying that you dislike this or that, you must gain the ability to cope with everything that comes your way.

Our determination must grow over time, we must constantly be gaining something. Without going through such a process, we will not bear mature fruit.

Without compromising with the world, we need to cultivate a determination to right the wrongs of the past, to work vigorously in the present, and to make our way toward a new future.

If the soul is full of determination, anything can be done.