Writing and etymology in Korean
인 [in] (sino-korean)

The character for human 인 (人) is a key character and is found in many other words (characters). It is often represented by the root of a word or complex character.

For example, the characters:
- "saint" 성인 (聖人) [sonin];
- "religious person" 도인 (道人) [toin];
- "trust, believe" 신 (信) [shin];
- "humanity" 인간 (人間) [ingan];
- "heaven" (天) [chon], which can be decomposed into two signs, "tu-two" (二) and "in-human" (人)
- "humanity" (仁) [in] has two components, "two" and "human."

Human is a masterpiece among all creation in the universe. You cannot even imagine how great and beautiful this masterpiece is! If there is an absolute God who created human, did He create him incapable of understanding His words, attitudes and feelings?

Human’s position in the universe

Human’s position in the universe involves three aspects

First, that he should become a ruler over the world of creation. We are called lords of creation because we are given the privilege of being the first to receive the love of the Heavenly Parent. As representatives of his love, we take center stage and act for the good of the entire created world.

By being at the center of the universe, we humans have the right to dominate everything in it. We know that no monkeys, lions, tigers, or other animals have that right.

Secondly, for man to be the mediator and center of the harmonious interaction of the two worlds. The Creator wanted to see a balanced unity between Himself, humans and the world of creation. Man occupies the middle position; he is the mediator through which the spiritual and physical worlds can come into contact with each other.

Third, man is the summation of all that exists in the universe. The human body is composed of the basic elements of the visible world-water, earth, and air. These gives man the ability to experience the visible world and to have dominion over it. Man’s spiritual self is made up of spiritual elements, and this enables him to sense and dominate the invisible world.

Man is the universe in miniature, a microcosm of the greater universe, and is capable of becoming its receptacle. In this way, we are connected to the source of infinite power and, as its partners, endowed with universal value.

You have to become the kind of person who has something to say, who can do a lot. You have to be the kind of person who has something to leave behind after you pass away, generous in both words and deeds.