인 [in](sino-korean)
사람 [saram] (native)
人 (hanja)

The character for human 인 (人) is a key character and is found in many other words (characters). It is often represented by the root of a word or complex character.

For example, the characters:
– “saint” 성인 (聖人) [sonin];
– “religious person” 도인 (道人) [toin];
– “trust, believe” 신 (信) [shin];
– “humanity” 인간 (人間) [ingan];
– “heaven” (天) [chon], which can be decomposed into two signs, “tu-two” (二) and “in-human” (人)
– “humanity” (仁) [in] has two components, “two” and “human.”

What kind of people referred to in the words “heaven” and “humanity”? They are people in whom heaven and earth can become completely one, both vertically and horizontally, by virtue of their perfect love. The fundamental basis for realizing the harmony of heaven and earth is love. It begins from love.

What are two people are the two people referred to in the words “heaven” and “humanity”? In a person, heaven and earth can achieve perfect vertical and horizontal unity based on perfect love. Love is the basis of the harmony of the Universe. It is where that harmony begins.