Writing and etymology in Korean
空 (공) – void, air
氣 (기) – energy

We live in a blanket of air. Both water and air are essential for human beings!

The human world is a world of air. What is the connection made at the moment of your first cry? You connect with the world of air, where you have to breathe through your nose.

We do not notice or feel the movement of air. We can’t really see it, and we don’t even think about whether it exists, but without it, we would just suffocate! It is absolutely necessary for life.

What does air look like? It has shapes and forms and can take on any shape or form. Air can sometimes be round and sometimes very thin. It can stretch like a rubber string for a thousand miles.

The air is in constant motion. It has been circulating for tens of thousands of years. How tired the air must be! But such a thought would not even occur to it, for it is the law of its existence.