Writing and etymology in Korean
瞬 (순) - blink, flash
間 (간) - between

The most important things in life do not happen over a long period of time, but in a moment. Someone who neglects the moment is missing out on the most precious thing. Such a person will never achieve great things or become an outstanding person.

People who are aware of the infinite value of every moment, who live every moment with dignity, can become great people.

The cause of failure is usually not some global crisis. More often than not, big and serious misfortunes begin with trivial trifles. If our thinking is self-centered, we will find it difficult to cope with even a minor quandary. In analyzing fatal mistakes or serious crimes, it may be concluded that if one understood the impact one’s actions would have on the well-being of others, perhaps one would not have made such a serious mistake.

When faced with an important decision, our choices may fail if we do not pause and think twice before we act. One moment lies between death and life. One moment decides who the winner is.

It is important to be careful with every word, action, even every thought, so that every moment of life is filled with light.