Writing and etymology in Korean
어린 시절
[eorin shijeol]
童 (어린) – child
年 (시절) – year

In childhood, our dreams are quite vague, and we just want to grow up healthy.

In childhood, a person does not know what parental love is, he comprehends it only later, when he creates a family himself and has little children.

We all remember our childhood years, when we looked at everything with a fresh sense of wonder and curiosity. That wonder and curiosity comes from interest. Moreover, when we first visit a new place, usually everything we see arouses great interest. Over time, however, we become accustomed to the place, and our interest wanes, persisting only in the subconscious.

Nothing just happens. There is no easy preparation. If we talk about all life, we can say that there is a future for someone who considers childhood to be a time of preparation for youth.