Writing and etymology in Korean
靑 (청) – green
少 (소) – young, youthful
年 (년) – year

Youth is the most blooming time when one is in the prime of youth. This time lasts seven years – from sixteen to twenty-two. These seven years are the time of blossoming flowers of love, which happens only once in a lifetime. How precious this unique blossoming time is! The image of youth is like the most beautiful bud.

The period of early adolescence is a transitional stage, when a person comes into contact and establishes relationships with everyone and everything around him. All the cells of the body work one hundred percent during youth! This is a precious time. During this time, you must not tarnish your purity. You should keep your innocence pure, appreciate it and cherish it.

If we live determinedly and vigorously in our youth, without slowing down until old age, our family can nurture in its bosom descendants who will meet many new springs, new months of summer and will easily overcome all the coming winters.

Young people must follow clear discipline and be aware of the many dangers that surround them in life. Parents must help them to withstand this challenge and cope with the difficulties.

Before the heyday of your youth passes, embody your loyalty and piety exemplarily so that they will be recognized by all.