Writing and etymology in Korean
關 (관) [gwan] - relation
心 (심) [sim] - heart

We need to find something new in each day. The person who is constantly finding something new, will never be lagging behind. Whatever hardships he has to endure, he will never lose heart. On the contrary, he will have an interest.

The interest comes when you try to make an effort and create something valuable.

For example, small children like to watch puppies or some bugs, birds and animals. Why do they like it? Man is so created from the beginning. What does this mean? It’s designed to be interested in observing the natural world, the changes that are taking place on earth. Of course, the standard of relationship with nature for each person may be different, but, nevertheless, people feel genuine interest and pleasure watching it. Thus, man will know all the attributes of love, which he possesses.

Without interest, there can be no act of giving and taking in a relationship. It is very important to be able to listen to people. If a man wants to talk, then it’s important to him. So people are trying to find a solution to their problems, so it’s so important to listen to them.By showing a sincere interest in the life of another person, you can express your love for him and return your own debt to life.

How do you make your life interesting? Think about it!