Writing and etymology in Korean

罒 – network
非 – mistake

허물 [heomul] (native)

What is sin? Sin appears based on personal interests. In caring only for personal interests, a person ruins his life. Evil flourishes where personal interests go beyond certain limits.

Sin was committed by man, not the Universe. It was man who deviated from God’s plan of creation. Every sin has a history, and someone has caused that sin.

The worst sin for which it is most difficult to be forgiven is cheating on one’s other half.

Infringing on human rights is the second most serious of all sins. Men and women, blacks and whites, all are equal.

Abusing public things and money is also a sin. On this, we must have absolute clarity.

The world of sin is a world of individualism. It has no unity of parents, children, societies, or countries.

Sin is all over history, and the stronghold of sin is our body. It is only by overcoming our physical desires that we can drive away sin.

There are elements of the ideal of creation in the heart of every person. This gives people the ability to overcome their sin, become perfect, attain unity with the Heavenly Parent, and attain infinite happiness.

Do not, under any circumstances, transfer your sins onto the shoulders of your descendants. On the contrary, pass on the new canons of goodness to them. We must be cleansed of all sin before we go to the spiritual world.