Writing and etymology in Korean
解 (해) [hae] – divide, split, untie
放 (방) [bang] – to release, to let go, to emit

All people have an original mind which inclines them to reject evil and pursue goodness. Yet, even without us being aware of it, we are driven by evil forces to abandon the goodness which our original mind desires and to perform evil deeds which, in our innermost heart, we do not want to do.

Can anyone dispute that the human condition is fallen? People have arrived at the brink of self-destruction, we make desperate efforts to resolve the contradiction within.

Humanity needs a liberation where all the wicked and immoral in our world will be transformed into a harmonious relationship. Our world will become one world where all sharp edges will be smoothed out and where up and down, right and left, front and rear will be of equal value.

We were created by a Heavenly Parent. Therefore, the complete freedom, liberation, and unification that we so seek, will only be achieved if He gains freedom. Logically, God’s freedom, liberation, and unification are the benchmark for the freedom, liberation, and unification of mankind.

When all religions become like one family, living in harmony, cooperating with each other as parts of a single organism and sharing common values, then all will be liberated.

All of our goals boil down to true love, which is the center of the world. God is the Parent of true love. With it begins universal liberation.

When will the day of humanity’s liberation come? Liberation depends on each of us fulfilling our portion of responsibility. Otherwise, we will not build the perfect world it dreams of.

We need to become people, capable of hearing the voice of our conscience, which calls at least one day early, to achieve liberation and complete internal freedom from a world of evil.