Writing and etymology in Korean
獨 (독) – alone
立 (립) – to stand, to establish

Humans were created to achieve perfection by handling their free will with a portion of personal responsibility without direct assistance from the Creator. Then, having achieved unity with Him, a man would have acquired the right to perfect self-determination and independence. Therefore, man’s original nature calls him to strive for freedom and independence.

In our heart should be the conviction that we will restore the independence of our homeland, and this conviction should be paramount. In other words, we must become standard-bearers for building the fatherland that Heavenly Parent has looked forward to. Everything we do – eating, sleeping, coming and going – all aspects of life we must devote to the restoration of the motherland.

The day of hope, when we gain independence by leaning on the Heavenly Parent, will be the most priceless moment on Earth that cannot be exchanged for anything.

When we feel the Heart of the Heavenly Parent filled with tears, it hurts us, especially when we add all the history and all the circumstances to it. Then we put His Heart in our arms and suffer together. And then we must go to the front lines and fight, determined to restore the independence of the homeland and to create the foundation for the liberation of the world with our own sincere devotion.