Writing and etymology in Korean
調 (조) [cho] – to exchange, retrieve
和 (화) [hwa] – harmony, peace

We must not disrupt the harmony that the Creator has created in this world. Man and nature must exist in harmony. For the universe, harmony is a way of existence.

Early in the morning, when you go outside, you hear the beautiful singing of the birds. And at night you hear the sounds of an orchestra of insects. The singing of insects in the moonlight conceals an unusual, poetic beauty, a music of love. The male and female insects sing together in bass and soprano respectively, merging into one voice. The Heavenly Parent is the most romantic poet. He is the author of all this beauty!

A man’s ear is more adapted to listening to a woman’s voice than to another man’s voice. Because one voice is lower and the other is higher, there is a harmony between the two. A woman’s voice is naturally high and is balanced by a man’s low voice.

A man sitting still often has a calming effect on a woman, even if she is agitated about something. When spouses quarrel, the wife usually reacts very vigorously. When she gets angry, she may even run out of the room, but in a few minutes she cools down and comes back. This is the female characteristics, and it is the most beautiful aspect of a woman’s nature. Without it, women lose much of their beauty.

Everything maintains harmony and wants to join that which has attained harmony. We might say that harmony leads to prosperity because it attracts all and encourages all to join in.

How to achieve harmony

To achieve harmony, however, you have to decide on a central, absolute standard. Similarly, in an orchestra, many different musicians play their parts in harmony, obeying the conductor.

A human is responsible for harmony in the universe. Humans must fully conform to the absolute standard; consequently, where such a person is, so is the entire universe, and the entire existing world functions in unity with such a person. This is what gives strength to the whole existing world.

Harmony requires patience. In addition, it is likely that we will have to endure many difficulties. Whoever manages to cope with them will become a responsible person.

Harmony in the family

The children in the family are naturally drawn to their mother. They love combing her hair and being close to her beauty. In a family, the miniature version of universe, the father occupies the position of the sun, the mother the moon, and the children the position of nature. When they merge in harmony, joy and beauty emerge.

Is harmony in the family possible if there is no harmony within the individual personality? If your own integrity is about to fall apart, will you be able to bring harmony into the family?

Unity of mind and body is a state in which the physical self resonates harmoniously with the conscience.

Going beyond the time frame of past, present and future, the value of love will never change. Everything exists in love, including the Creator and the entire universe, so the harmony achieved by love is the greatest of all.

Harmonization by love is the most significant value left to us. Many things can be brought to harmony, but the harmony of love is the greatest. One can achieve harmony by words, songs, art, painting, but the harmony created by love is the most precious of all.

Harmony and accord come when a person has a big heart. Instead of being proud of your beautiful face, live with a good heart.