Writing and etymology in Korean
太 (태) [taeyan] - big, great
陽 (양) [yan] - sunlight, sun, yang

For us earth dwellers, the most important celestial body is the sun, and we could not live without it. However, all through the long sunny day, people rarely ever look up to thank the sun for shining on us.

In the morning, when the sun rises, the shoots of all plants reach for its light. In the same way, the love of the Heavenly Parent is the source of life, the source of our original soul and the subjective source of the basic components of the ideal. God’s love is brighter than the sun.

As the center of love arises, everything turns toward it. When the sun rises, everything in nature – mountains, rivers, trees, and grasses – rushes toward it. All nature is drawn toward the rising sun. This is the essence of life and love.

Love is compared to heat. It is spoken of as something hot, isn’t it? For example, we say, “The heart is on fire.”

As you look at the sun, remember that it symbolizes the source of life of the entire universe, and learn from it how to love. Nature is a textbook, or teaching aid, created by the Creator so that His beloved sons and daughters may feel His Shimjeong (Heart) and experience joy.

When the sun shines in the sky, its light gives life to all living things. Even microorganisms want to reunite with this light, striving for one center. In the same way, we must serve the Creator as the Master of our lives and our Father, illuminating the path we must walk.

Learn true love from the sun, which represents the elements of life of the entire universe. Nature is a textbook to help us know God’s Shimjeong (Heart), a textbook created for the happiness of His beloved children.

When our spirits are uplifted and shining like the sun, Heavenly Parent guides us. That’s why we should always maintain a good mood and keep our gratitude. If something is bothering you, it’s best to address the problem right away.