Writing and etymology in Korean
活 (활) – activity
力 (력) – strength, power

Some claim that the Universe is made up of energy. Indeed, all things are made up of energy, but what makes this energy exist?

Nothing in creation is simply energy. There is always a relationship or common ground behind it. Before we can acknowledge the existence of energy, we must acknowledge the existence of a common basis.

The energy that became the source of the Universe was born out of an action similar to the unconditional giving and receiving in the physical world. This is why all creation, without exception, must be involved in a subject-object relationship, for otherwise it cannot exist.

Creation began with self-giving. It was made possible only through the investment of energy. Without the investment of energy, nothing appears. With total investment, a perfect object emerges. From this standpoint, we see that the Creator, the Subject, invested All of Himself in the creation of His object. Creation is the beginning of a movement generated by the Heavenly Parent in the desire to live not for Himself, but for His object.