Universal Prime Energy

Writing and etymology in Korean
萬 (만) – ten thousand, countless
有 (유) – to own, to have, to exist
原 (원) – origin
力 (력) – strength, power

The universal prime energy is the power of God. This fundamental force influences all objects of creation, and manifests itself as a power that causes the actions of giving and receiving between subject and object. It generates the energy for the interaction of all things on earth. In humans, it manifests to form interpersonal relationships or as the power of love.

Through the agency of universal prime energy, the subject and object elements of every entity form a common base and enter into interaction. This interaction, in turn, generates all the forces the entity needs for existence, multiplication and action.

In the created universe, the dual characteristics that make up each being are empowered by universal prime energy to establish a common base. They then engage in give and take action. Based on the forces generated by this give and take action, the dual characteristics construct a foundation for their continued reciprocation. This becomes the foundation for the existence of each individual being, upon which the being becomes an object partner to God and is able to generate all forces necessary for its continued existence.