Writing and etymology in Korean
主張 (주장) [jujang] –offer; advocate
하다 – [hada] – do

No one has the right to claim anything that “belongs only to me.” There is nothing created exclusively for one single individual. Moreover, a person who encroaches on someone else’s property is called a thief.

The love of parents gives life to a child who develops in the womb of his mother from an egg and is then born. A child is formed 99.999% from the mother’s flesh and blood and 0.001% from the father’s sperm. The concept of “just me” is unnatural. It is unfamiliar to a newborn.

No one who is considered outstanding can claim to have achieved everything on his own. Our bones, flesh and blood are formed in the womb. The parts of our body that we need so much are a continuation of our mother’s body. There are no exceptions to this rule. Therefore, individualism has no basis.

Are man’s eyes created for him to look at himself? The eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands are created for the sake of the object. The force that mobilizes and focuses all five senses is true love, which means they were created for the sake of true love, as its instruments.

Why was a human created? Usually men declare that they can live independently and they are not interested in the reason for their birth. But a man is born for a woman. Without a woman, a man’s existence is meaningless and useless. There is nothing in the world created exclusively for men or women.

The person who can stand before his family, country, world, heaven and earth without shame will gain the protection of the Universe and create a family in which true love will reign.