Writing and etymology in Korean
保 (보) – protection, guarantee
護 (호) – to guard, protect

The universe protects everyone involved in the actions of giving and receiving in accordance with the ideal of Heaven. If an alien element appears to counteract, there is a reaction of rejection. This reaction is not a bad thing; it is used by the Universe to protect itself. People consider illness to be evil, but it is merely a natural function to protect the body.

It is natural for people to want to protect their beloved, even at the cost of their lives. This is the original ideal of creation. The same can be said of the Creator, who loves His children, giving His whole life to them.

Goodness is what the Universe protects and sustains. Goodness encapsulates freedom and peace and life and power. Nothing in heaven or on earth can subdue the good.

The preservation and defense of human rights and dignity must be the measure of ethics and morality.

Laws are needed to prevent the destruction of what needs to be protected. There are laws of nature that protect the universe from destruction. In the same way, all countries have laws to protect society from destruction. If we understand the purpose of laws, we recognize the need to obey them.

A law that gives priority to universal and public goals supports and protects those people who sacrifice themselves for the greater good. It excludes those who pursue only self-interest and dislike to sacrifice.

Every country has its own laws, necessary to protect the good. Ultimately, the constitution of every country and the laws prescribed therein work to protect the general welfare, not to destroy it.

If you live in perfect harmony with truth and justice, Heaven’s good fortune will protect you wholeheartedly.