Five senses

Writing and etymology in Korean
五 (오) [o] – five
官 (관) [gwan] – organ (part of a body)

Our soul has five spiritual senses and our body has five physical senses. They are taste, hearing, smell, touch, and sight.

A person, while in the womb surrounded by amniotic waters, prepares five physical senses that are not needed for life in water. These organs are not needed in the womb. However, as soon as you are born in the air world, you will need them immediately. Likewise, when you live in the air world, you must prepare the five spiritual senses. These are not physical, not bodily organs. It is the five spiritual organs, based on God, that you need to live a carefree and unrestricted life in perfect harmony with the world of love.

Both body and soul are made up of cells. Are you aware of the fact that you have a spiritual self with five spiritual senses? The cells of our internal soul and the cells of our external body resonate with each other.

Our five spiritual and five physical senses can focus on one object, obeying love. In love, we experience an explosive joy when our five physical and five spiritual senses focus on one object. We feel the most powerful impulse of love. We pay no attention to anything else, and all the cells of our body merge into one. The power of true love unites our spiritual and physical cells. Nothing else can do this.

Everything must exist for peace. If you sit down at the table, eat for peace; if you take a glass of water, drink for peace, and even when you breathe, breathe in and out for peace. Love for peace and work for peace. When you open your mouth, speak for the peace of the world, and when you inhale a smell, inhale it for the peace of the world. Let all your five senses follow this goal.