Physical world

Writing and etymology in Korean
육신 세계
[yuksin segye]
肉身 (육신) – physical body
世界 (세계) – the world

If this world is divided into two halves, one half represents the spiritual world and the other half represents the physical world.

First, the Creator created the spiritual world, then the physical world as a representation of the spiritual world. Ultimately, He created people – the central embodiment of the physical and spiritual worlds. Our personality is like a mirror. The spirit world has both an external and internal relationship with the earth. Thus, the spiritual world and the physical world are one.

Before creating a partner for love, the Heavenly Parent created the environment. It was intended for the objects of His love to nourish and grow in it.

The Creator created the physical self of man out of the basic elements of the visible world – water, earth, and air. This gives man the ability to sense and dominate the physical world.

Your physical life is priceless! It is only during the period of life in your physical body that you can unite heaven and earth. The Heavenly Parent and the Universe will not reach perfection without a man in the flesh. The physical body cannot be exchanged, even for the whole Universe.

Life in the physical world and eternal life in the spiritual world are not separate, it is closely related. It is both important. The two worlds move in sync. If the physical world goes up, the spiritual world does the same, and if the physical world goes down, the spiritual world also goes down.

Everything you do now determines your value in the spiritual world. Your spiritual essence grows, matures, and finally reaches perfection only in the process of living a life of true love. Such a life necessarily relies upon the life of the physical body.

Life in this physical world is short. We do not live long. If you understand this, your time will become too precious to spend much of it eating and sleeping. The more you live this way, the more blessings you will receive.