Writing and etymology in Korean
環 (환) [hwang] - ring
境 (경) [yeong] - border, square, place

The environment in which we live – society, country, world – does not match our will. This is why various difficulties arise, good intersects with evil. Out of a hundred people, a hundred fight their way through their environment to get on with their daily lives. Our way of life must lead us to triumph over our surroundings. In this, we will prove ourselves as individuals.

For a person to live at peace, he must create an environment for it in the form of a family. That is, he must create a family, which can be sort of a fence for him. For the family to live in peace, there must be such a fence on the level of the family. Without it, the family will be constantly under attack. For the family to live well, it must be protected by the people. The protection of the people must be provided by the state, and the protection of the state must be provided by the world. Thus, only by creating a fence at the state and world level can we live peacefully in this sphere. And for the peaceful life of the whole world it is necessary to create a fence, uniting the spiritual and physical worlds. Only then will an ideal world emerge.

Firstly, you need to resolve the fundamental problem within yourself. And then, once you get into an ideal environment, you will immediately feel the peace that reigns in your heart and your soul is seized by the happiness that reigns in it. Even if everything around you is perfect, but you haven’t solved your personal problems, you won’t fit into that environment, and you won’t be able to be truly happy.

If we are not willing to build relationships with others, we cannot improve our environment. If we only take pride in ourselves and neglect our environment, we are doomed. An environment in which our children can grow up and live without too much trouble begins with the idea of living for others.

Expand your environment by filling it with goodness. This is our goal.