Value of a human

Writing and etymology in Korean
인간의 가치
[ingane kachi]
人間 (인간) [ingane] – people, humanity
價値 (가치) [kachi] – value

Humanity’s unique value stems from our right to be the first to receive God’s love, representing the whole world of creation. Because we occupy the number one position of partners with the Heavenly Parent, we are given the right to participate in His love, to share it with the universe, and to rule it with that love.

Man is a microcosm of the universe. Each of us is a miniaturized universe. The life-sized universe is the entire world. God is the Source of all interaction and energy. We are microcosms in the face of the vast Universe. When our heart is filled with the power that is the original source of the universe, we become partners with the entire universe. This is why humans are the flowers of the universe.

We must revive life and give it such value that the Heavenly Parent, looking at it, will rejoice, and that this life can bring joy to the whole world and to each individual person.