Writing and etymology in Korean
同 (동) – same, identical
志 (지) – intention, will

Love for humanity unites people who live to achieve a universal goal, just as the patriotic idea unites citizens who love their fatherland. The stronger the love for the fatherland, the stronger the unity to strengthen the country. A patriotic movement cannot be developed on its own. If we understand this, we should establish horizontal connections, that is, to gather like-minded people.

When you meet like-minded people, your mutual feelings naturally increase and multiply, and you experience greater love and joy. You are terribly reluctant to part with these people because in their company you grow spiritually.

The mind determines the purpose of a person’s life. When the body acts according to the will of the mind, the individual will live a purposeful life. This individual will then attract like-minded people. As these companions work together productively, their group will grow.