Love Heaven, love people, love country

Writing and etymology in Korean
애천, 애인, 애국
[ae cheon, ae in, ae guk]
愛 (애) – love
天 (천) – heaven
人 (인) – human
國 (국) – country

Each of us has emotions, intellect, and will. Through emotion, we can express our love for Heaven. The intellect helps us to interact and build right relationships with people, and we must also embody the will of goodness for the development of the country.

By practicing the motto “Love Heaven, Love People, Love Country,” people can embody the standard of a devoted citizen of the country and a respectful child in the family. This should be the goal and idea of education.

Where did our life begin? It began with the love of our parents. From the physical world, we go to the spiritual, otherworldly world, so we must love our source-parents, ancestors, and God. To love Heaven is to recognize the existence of the spiritual world, to love our Heavenly Parent as His children.

The Universe is within the people, so it is important to love people. Loving people allows us to know the love of the Creator.

We should love elderly people the same way we love our grandparents, middle-aged people the same way we love our parents, and young people the same way we love children. When we acknowledge other people, we will be acknowledged.

Those who do not love their parents cannot love their country. People who do not love their homeland cannot love God.

As for country, we should not only mean our own country, but the whole world, the whole universe. The world is now like one big country. Through the opening of borders between countries and the rapid development of communication technology, it is possible to build relationships with all people and achieve unity.