Loyalty and filial piety

Writing and etymology in Korean
忠 (충) [chung] – loyalty
孝 (효) [hyo] – filial piety

The fundamental virtues of human life are filial piety, loyalty and devotion.

It must be important to live well and become a meaningful person, but we must first fulfill the duty of filial piety and loyalty to our vertical Heavenly Parent. After achieving it, we must become children of piety to our parents and show our love of country and the world.

A man loyal to his parents is called a child of piety. A man loyal to his homeland is called a patriot, and one who loves humanity and the whole world, not just his country, is called a saint.

So, one must combine the highest qualities of filial piety, loyalty, holiness, and service to God. Undoubtedly, God would like to see people who possess the qualities of a filial piety, a patriot, and a saint.

Religions teach not just to be patriots of their country or respectful children of their parents, but to be devoted children of God.

Don’t be egocentric. Nurture a soul committed to the common weal and eager to live for society.

A person who devotes his life, his loyalty and all that he has to others can be constantly in the sphere of God’s love.