Writing and etymology in Korean


Fidelity is one of the highest virtues, along with fidelity and filial piety.

People should follow the path of the absolute standard defined by Heaven. The essence of that standard is absolute sexual morality.

Both men and women must keep their purity. They must not defile themselves before marriage. Next, after chastity, comes purity of lineage. Everyone who aspires to love, should observe sexual purity and be aware of pure genealogy.

Youth is an invaluable time in life. We need to guard our purity in our youth and be determined to keep our chastity as something pure and priceless.

Is it possible to indulge in free love? No. You can only find a spouse once in a lifetime. It is only once that we stumble and our whole life is at stake. We need to carefully guard our bodies until the time comes.

By keeping and maintaining chastity, woman and man protect the universe because love between them is the foundation upon which it is founded. This is why love should not be abused and should not be likened to animals. Love has one master. The definition of “true” in “true love” means that a second partner is unacceptable. There must be one and only one partner. The order of love between a man and a woman is at the core of creation.

Our environment is full of chaos and filth, but by keeping your chastity and purity, even in the midst of all this filth, you can attain all the highest blessings. Loyalty, filial piety, chastity, and purity will be the basic values and the basis of the spirit by which the ideal world will be built in the future.