Writing and etymology in Korean
結 (결) – bond, connection
婚 (혼) – marriage, wedding

Marriage is an union of all that is best in heaven and on earth. In marriage, we perfect the ideal of children, the ideal of brothers and sisters, the ideal of husband and wife, and the ideal of parents.

Men and women are meant to seek each other. That is why it is absolutely necessary for them to marry.

A Man was born for a woman. For men, love is more valuable and more precious than anything, so a man absolutely needs a woman. When a man and a woman get married, what connects them to each other? Psychologically they are wholly different, isn’t that what connects them? Structural differences allow a woman to inherit the priceless lifeline of a man’s love, and through this transfer of love, a strong connection with the Universe is built.

The way of love that a man requires comes to him with a woman. The way of love that a woman requires comes to her with a man. Such is the marital love of a man and a woman; it is the only one that creates the perfect foundation and benchmark for all values. When we unite with this kind of love, the Universe will gladly accept us.

We should live for love. Marriage is when you collect everything you have, power, knowledge, money, and yourself then put it in a box and give it to your husband/wife, asking only love in return.

Why is marriage so important? It is a way of finding love and an opportunity to know what love is. Marriage teaches us about life.

A husband needs his wife more than he needs anyone else. The wife also requires her husband more than she requires anyone else. Husband and wife should be each other’s support, companions in life, and good counselors.

We do not marry for ourselves, but for the other person. Marriage is not for ourselves, but for our partners.

Marriage itself is not everything. It is by no means an easy thing. And getting married has to be done right. If you meet someone on the street and marry them because they are good-looking, it probably would last. Harmony and accord come if the person has a big heart. Marry someone who has a beautiful soul.