Writing and etymology in Korean
인 [in] (sino-korean)

The character 忍, means “patience”. The upper half of the character 刃 means “sword” and the lower half 心 means “heart”. Thus, we see that “patience” means “to lay the sword on your heart.” If you are going to take on a heavy burden and accomplish a tremendous task, you will need a hundred or a thousand times more patience; it must become truly endless. This means that one must have patience, even if they put a knife to his heart. If a knife is stabbed into your heart, it hurts a lot, but if a person endures it a thousand times, he can hope to win a thousand battles.

What is the side of good? The side of good waits a long time and retains patience and hope, while the side of evil is impatient to the extreme. A good person is patient and can be patient not only for himself; he can keep patience and endurance for others who lack patience.

People usually vote for those who are intelligent, educated, and effective, but Heaven’s law works in another way. The true leader is the one who thinks more broadly, who is more tolerant and heartfelt.

Our patience must not end halfway. We must believe in the unbelievable, achieve the impossible, and endure with enthusiasm any difficulties in our path to the very end if we wish to survive the hard times and triumph. Patience, firm determination, and endurance will help us do just that.

What will we need to endure hardship? Gratitude! Without gratitude, we cannot endure. Patience can be the impetus for renewal and recreation. It allows us to keep our character intact.

A life filled with love gives us joy, happiness, and peace. Patience endows us with mercy and kindness.

As you look at the rising sun, aim your dreams into the future and greet the bright dawn of a new day. Our dreams and hopes will help us endure today with all its sorrows.