Writing and etymology in Korean
慈 (자) – mercy
悲 (비) – sad

Mercy, righteousness, rules of propriety, and wisdom are the cornerstones of human nature, and their practice is the path humanity must follow.

The soul urges our bodies to help the poor and to sacrifice for others, even when we are in difficulties ourselves.

When we help others, we should not think that we are giving something from our own pocket. When we give, we should think of it as it is coming from the treasury of Heaven. The person we are helping will feel our attitude, and will understand that he or she is receiving help directly from the Heavenly Parent. And then He will remember us and give us back ten times as much.

If you meet an elderly person who is helpless due to lack of money for food, take him to the canteen and treat him to a good meal. Take care of him as if he was your own grandfather. Such acts are more important and valuable than prayer.

Mercy is a reflection of the love of the Heavenly Parent, helping us to come closer to Him.