Writing and etymology in Korean
祈 (기) – pray, beg
禱 (도) – to pray

Prayer is a conversation between a person and God as a child and his parent. Speak to Heaven in prayer with a pure heart, like a child making a request to his father. Prayer is a concentration of heartfelt sincerity.

Prayer is truly a powerful thing. It allows you to control your environment without saying a word.

Prayer is necessary for the purification of the spirit. It is a necessary practice for cleansing the soul and focusing thoughts on the God.

Prayer gives strength and wisdom, helping you to know how events will unfold. Through prayer, you will learn how to cope with any challenges. The wisdom gained through prayer will give you all you need to accomplish the great mission. If you are blazing the trail, prayer is crucial to you.

When we are on a wrong path, prayer will guide us in the right direction. With it, we can discover our ability to better distinguish between good and evil, and make the right choices in life.

Pray for people, not for material things. If you pray for things, first give all that you have as a condition.

If you pray not for yourself or your family, but for humanity, the good of humanity will turn to you as a result of prayer.

How much of what you prayed can be realized depends on whether your prayer coincides with the Heavenly Parent’s goal.

Prayer is like a deep vessel for water. Frequent prayer joins you to an infinite spiritual power. It should be a driving force in your life.