Writing and etymology in Korean
精 (정) [jeong] – pure, fine
誠 (성) [seong] – sincerity

Sincerity, full dedication, refers more to a person’s contribution to what he does. To achieve a goal, we must apply our best efforts, then we can accomplish what we want to do.

By sincerity, we mean consistency of effort, which is like the flow of water. If the water does not move, it stagnates and becomes a swamp. Therefore, our attitude and commitment to fulfill our responsibility represent a great role.

The word sincerity (정성) has a hieroglyph son (성, 誠), which means sincerity, dedication. The hieroglyph 성 consists of two, the first means 언 (言 – word), the second 이루다 [iruda] (成 – to become, to embody). This means that our words and deeds should be no different. It can be said of such a person that he is an honest man.

Therefore, working sincerely, we must be honest. Our dedication must be directed toward one goal, and that is honesty.

Also, sincerity is when you have to fight with yourself all the time.