Writing and etymology in Korean
飮 (음) – a drink
食 (식) – food

How does food come to our table? Someone had to grow and pick fruits and vegetables, and now we chew them with our teeth and swallow them. Nevertheless, vegetables won’t mind because they know the Universal Law and understand that they are there to serve a higher purpose. With this in mind, we can thank the food we eat for providing us the strength to serve a public purpose.

When we sit down at the table, we should first offer our food to Heaven and only then begin to eat. Likewise, before sitting down, we must first sanctify our seat and then sit down.

Plants consume minerals and animals eat plants. When a being at a lower trophic level is eaten by a higher being, it is elevated to a higher plane of existence. Thus, by supplying nourishment to man, plants, and animals can become part of his cells capable of loving God. This is the highest ideal for a plant or animal.

Food is a good thing when we are hungry, but that joy is temporary. If we are stuffed to the brim and offered more food, we will not like it.

Wise people see to it that food does not become an aim in itself. They feel that they need a specific reason for eating this or that portion of food.

If a person loves food, believing that he eats and digests the fruit of love, and lives from it, if he eats with gratitude and love, he will not be sick.