Spiritual food

Writing and etymology in Korean
영적 음식
[yeongjeok eumshik]
靈 (영) – spirit
的 (적) – suffix
飮食 (음식) – food

The invisible aspect of man is the soul. It receives the nourishment that comes from the Creator and from our physical body.

Spiritual nourishment that comes from the Creator has a stimulating effect on the original soul, which constantly strives for the good. However, until a person begins to live a life of goodness, his spiritual elements will not be able to enter into the right action of giving and receiving with the vital elements.

Truth gives us knowledge of the deepest aspirations of our soul. To fulfill our responsibility, we must understand these desires through the truth and then translate them into reality through our actions. Truth is inseparable from love and life.

When one is in his mother’s womb, the mother provides him not only with nourishment, but also with love. In the same way, when living on earth, people do not only receive material food from nature, the Creator gives them love, the most important element necessary for life.

Therefore, in addition to physical food, we also need to consume spiritual food. To survive and become closer to the Creator, one must love the taste of spiritual food more than the taste of physical food. A life based on spiritual strength must taste better than a life based on physical strength.

When you are hungry and have to choose between spiritual food and physical food, you should feel that spiritual food tastes better. Living based on spiritual strength should be much more satisfying and appetizing than living based on physical strength only.