Vital elements

Writing and etymology in Korean
生 (생) – life
力 (력) – force
要素 (요소) – element

Our good or evil deeds affect what our soul will be like. This is why human actions are so valuable and influential. The reason is that the body transmits a certain element to the soul, which is called the vital element. Our experience in life shows that our soul can feel joy and ease from good deeds, and conversely, bad deeds cause feelings of inner restlessness. This is explained by the fact that depending on good or evil actions, the corresponding vital elements enter the soul.

Our soul can develop only in interaction with the body. The relationship between body and soul is like the relationship between a tree and its fruit. When the body responds to the desires of the soul and begins to act in accordance with the good purpose, the human body becomes an embodiment of goodness and is filled with energy due to the spiritual element coming from the soul. Accordingly, the body, by returning the vital element of goodness to the soul, contributes to its proper development.

The relationship between the spiritual and vital elements is that of internal and external. The spiritual elements have a stimulating effect on the human soul, which always aspires to goodness. However, until a person begins to live a life of goodness, his spiritual elements cannot enter into the right action of giving and receiving with the vital elements and improve the condition of his body.

If your actions are for the good of others, you can be called a good person.