Writing and etymology in Korean
繁 (번) [peon] – lush, blooming
榮 (영) [yeong] – glory, honor

Confucius said: “The man who obeys Heaven will prosper, but the one who rebels against them will perish.” In this expression, the emphasis is on Heaven. Surely, heaven must be considered! The ups and downs, prosperity and decay, depend not on man, but on Heaven.

The key to prosperity is following the Universal laws. The Creator protects and helps everyone who follows His law because He wants His purpose for creation to be realized. Consequently, if we follow these laws, we will prosper. If, however, we go against them and instead follow the laws dictated by selfishness, we will perish.

A selfless person with a social mindset will achieve prosperity because he is a reflection of the Heavenly Parent.

The question is, why, in giving, will we prosper, and why will our possessions grow as we give? Because so was the Creator when He created the universe. Could it be that He created the world to benefit from it? On the contrary, He wants to invest in it. The more you give, the more you become.

If we are debtors, we will not prosper. The nation will become rich only when it pays all of its debts with interest.

What is the realm of eternal goodness, eternal prosperity and eternal blessings? What is the position that prevents us from leaning toward evil? It is a position open to society. If you eat, eat for society. Work for society. And when you say anything, operate with words for society. In other words, let every aspect of your life be related to societal goals. If we have the attitude that all our wealth does not belong to us personally; that it belongs first to the nation and then to us, and that victory also does not belong to us but to the nation and the world, then we will not perish.

Goodness begins to flourish as soon as its difficulty is overcome; it triumphs everywhere it goes. It may seem difficult, but if you stick to this principle, you will always win, for there is nothing wrong with that. Those who live and sacrifice according to this principle will have undoubted success.