Writing and etymology in Korean
業 (업) [op] - work
績 (적) [chok] - achievement

It’s not potential abilities that bring the world together, but concrete accomplishments. So, even if you don’t have any abilities, achieve real results. It’s the power you have in the world. The main thing – the real achievements.

Do not waste time. It is only by having children and raising them that you will leave your descendants a foundation to be proud of. Moreover, you will have something to be proud of in front of history only if your children become great people.

If parents have achieved something that brought them joy and good fortune, they want to pass on their achievements to their children. You should have achievements that you could leave for posterity before you leave this world. Let your achievements bring tears of delight to their eyes. This is the source of pride.

What achievements will remain after us in history and become a tradition? Until now, only the achievements of people who lived their lives for others and had a spirit of self-sacrifice has survived in the world. Such people have gone down in history as saints, historical figures and patriots. Only such a spirit of self-sacrifice will allow our heritage to survive.

The world does not need people without accomplishments. Everyone needs to accomplish something guided by love.