Heavenly fortune

Writing and etymology in Korean
天 (천) [chon] – heaven
運 (운) [un] – luck, fate

We should know how heavenly fortune comes. It is constantly circulating. Its trajectory is eternal, and it rotates in a circular motion according to an unchanging and eternal law. It describes circle after circle, moving according to destiny and repeating all the ups and downs of history. The question is, how do we adjust to it?

Heavenly fortune supplies a good man with everything he needs. Don’t be greedy and moderate your desires, and don’t try to row everything under you. Choose one of two ways: either reach the top and then go down, or start from the bottom and then go up. If you take a modest position, Heavenly Fortune will supply you with everything on its own.

According to the laws of nature, luck does not come by chance. It acts according to law and order, following its orbit. All who are equal to Heavenly Fortune exist to live for others.

If people serve each other and work for others, the whole world will follow their example, and Heavenly Fortune will chase them like a racing car at a rally.

Happiness and fortune begin where the three kinds of love – the love of parents, spouses, and children – come together.

The fortune of heaven and earth protects that which pulsates with it in the same rhythm.