Three kinds of love

Writing and etymology in Korean
세 종류의 사랑
[se jonlyuui saran]
三 (세) [se] – three
種類 (종류) [jonlyuui] – kinds
愛 (사랑) [saran] – love

When we try to draw closer to the Creator, we must go through three kinds of love: parental love, husband and wife’s love, and children’s love. Which of these come first? It is the love of parents. It comes before the other two kinds of love. Then we can also say that love for each of us began with parental love.

The Heavenly Parent, the source and beginning of love, moved by love, created man. After creation, man and woman became parents to their children. This is how parental, marital, and children’s love came into human families. Love comes from God, and so when a man and woman come together, they experience love in marriage. To their children they feel parental love, while children love their parents in a childlike way, who return their love to God.

Love is something that is inherited from your ancestors. When you love your spouse, you are an extension of your two bloodlines. When you love your husband or wife, remember that this person is the fruit of the past generations and the beginning of the future generations. This is the value you should place on your wife or husband.

Above all, you must think of your marriage as something that is for your descendants. You are born to your ancestors. You do not belong to yourself. You do not own the initiative of your birth.

Love itself is the source of the bloodline. Because love is larger than your life, the bloodline must be larger than life for you. You will love your family more than your life. In marriage, the tradition of your love is passed on to your descendants. When you leave this world, your children and grandchildren and all their children will remain here for others, though your love will become invisible.

Your parents, your spouse and yourself and your children create three levels in one family. Therefore, you must be able to become one at least with your parents or children. Only love can unite these three generations of people. Only then will you be truly happy. There will never be unhappy people in such families.