World of culture shimjeong

Writing and etymology in Korean
심정 문화 세계
[simjeong munhwa segye]
心情 (심정) [shimjeong] – shimjeong (heart)
文化 (문화) [munhwa] – culture
世界 (세계) [segye] – world

Living for others, humanity needs to create a world of shimjeong culture related to the original lineage of the Heavenly Parent. This is the world where we keep the most important commandment of the Creator – not to desecrate the original lineage.

Culture must be connected to family, society, country, and the world. All levels, from the individual to the universal, can connect only within the world of culture shimjeong. So far, the world has moved in a zigzag pattern, up and down, so it has never reached its destination, even though millennia have passed.

Culture must initially be motivated by the shimjeong, and its goal is the embodiment of love. Such a culture will exist forever.

The world of the future we are approaching is the world of the new culture of shimjeong, in which the Creator, man, and all creation will live in harmony, the world of a culture of love grounded in the true family. It will be a world where people care for one another with true love and live in harmony and cooperation.

Once the world accepts the paradigm of a one-world family, we will enter an era of universal equality. Humanity must abandon systems of government based on concepts of struggle or class division. The world must develop in relationships based on love.

In the world of shimjeong one cannot do without unity. This is where everything spreads and reaches harmony. When a person breathes, all of his cells adjust to the beat of his breath and breathe with him. It is the same in the world of the shimjeong culture. Everyone unites based on the love of the Heavenly Parent, based on living for others, and strives to occupy a position in which they can bring greater good to those around them.

An era is coming in which people will be able to express their shimjeong on a global level, so there will be one world of shimjeong culture, one world of one culture, one world in which there will be no wars or struggles.