Writing and etymology in Korean
平 (평) – flat, level
等 (등) – rank, class, order

All people have an aspiration to be equal, and generally all aspire to the same things. However, all people are different and live in different conditions.

The basis for equality is common parents, the commonality of all people on earth, and our inherent divine nature.

A mother cares for all her children with the same love, regardless of their talents or character. She gives birth to each child and pours the same bowl of soup for each, doesn’t she? All people are equal in this respect: they have grown up entrusting their precious lives to their parents. There can be no discrimination in a parent’s heart.

Equality begins with the concept of “we.” It will not appear where the concept of “I” is central.

Love makes men and women equal. Love equals mother and son, even if the son is the president of the country. Where there is love, everyone is equal. So, we need to understand that the foundation of equality is in men and women, who nurture the hope of a harmonious family, whose foundation is true love. Equal rights for men and women exist only in a strong and harmonious family.

What can make all people equal, despite their differences? Only love. In the world of love there is no discrimination between up and down. When each person lovingly lives for others, there is equality in such a relationship.