Writing and etymology in Korean
兄 (형) – older brother
弟 (제) – younger brother
間 (간) – between

Nowadays, great advances in the development of means of transportation and communication have destroyed former spatial and temporal barriers, allowing people to travel, communicate, and meet each other without any restrictions, as if they, representing all the races of the West and the East, were members of one family, living in one vast garden. The peoples of all six continents, crossing the oceans, build a friendship and brotherly love with each other. One day, all people will be able to unite into one big family and live to harmonize with each other.

The ideal world is based on the ideology of universal brotherhood, in which human souls can automatically come into motion and act in unison with the love of the Heavenly Parent.

All the world’s countries will eventually have to build brotherly relations with each other. Such trends are already manifesting themselves. For example, after World War II, there was an unusual historical phenomenon: the victorious countries liberated the defeated nations.

The heart of parents is such that they would like their children to love each other even more than they love themselves. The quicker and more right path to Heaven is best taught to you by your brothers and sisters.

The love of brothers, as they develop, will be transformed into the love of the world. The large family is the model of all humanity; it creates a perfect world.

What will the world be like when all people realize that they are brothers and sisters and realize one common goal? Then humanity, having tried in vain over the long years of history to dispel the darkness of ignorance, can finally become one family.