Writing and etymology in Korean
戰 (전) – battle
爭 (쟁) – dispute, struggle

Who directs the course of war? Humans start wars and God determines their results, following the principle of reparation for aggression. His will, however, is not to achieve peace on earth by weapons.

From the first to the last day of every human being’s existence, there is an unceasing war going on in the back of his soul. People in this condition created families, then clans, and the scale of the struggle multiplied. Nations multiplied one by one, multiplying the conflict, after which countries began to go to war against each other. Until now, the history of mankind has been a history of wars. Not a single day on earth has gone by without war.

Nowadays war is the most primitive and destructive way of resolving conflicts, by which true peace can never be achieved.

If war starts, how do you determine which side is good and which side is evil? The evil side attacks the side that keeps the calm. Throughout history, God has sided with those who have had to defend themselves.

Just imagine how much money is wasted on wars all over the world! It is time for mankind to realize that we are committing a terrible sin in the face of history and future generations.

There will be no wars in the future. Up to now, every war has been a senseless massacre in the pursuit of someone’s selfish interests. People have fought only to take something away from others. However, in an unified world at the center with the Heavenly Parent, everyone will live for the welfare of others, so wars will be unnecessary.

Progress is never made through war or fighting. Where there is war, both sides suffer. Communism, which claims that development comes through fighting, has not lasted longer than seventy-three years. Anyone who incites war, will make it worse for himself. The idea of fighting as an engine of progress has no logic whatsoever. Fighting will not help us to rise above our current level.

If we find the love of our Heavenly Parent and can love our brothers and sisters, in such a world, even if we are ordered to fight, we will not go to war against each other.

A history born of fighting cannot be resolved by war. The only way out is reconciliation.