Writing and etymology in Korean
共 (공) – common, together
産 (산) – property
主義 (주의) – 'ism', doctrine

Even though the ideal of many modern countries is to strengthen democracy, some still adhere to communist ideals – a fusion of materialism, atheism, and socialism – and attempt to embody it in reality although with a different political connotation. In this post, we’ll try to understand why the ideas of communism cannot lead to a flourishing society.

The philosophers who proposed the laws of dialectics, such as Hegel and Engels, saw in the Universal Law the nature of conflict and struggle. This gave rise to false principles such as “survival of the strongest”, “the strong eats the weakest”, and “force drives progress” and that mistreatment of people is not a sin.

Communist theory asserted that love for humanity is empty words that cannot be put into practice, that true love has a class character.

From the communist doctrine, man is nothing more than an animal that has reached a high level of development as a result of evolution, and at the same time is the product of a social environment. For communists, it was not the human individuality that was important, but the social environment and social institutions. Evidence of this is the genocide that accompanied the communist revolutions and the mass purges during the post-revolutionary struggle for power.

Another problem is that, in fact, communist countries implement their policies in obedience to the ambitions of a few dictators.

Communist aspirations were based on a materialist understanding of reality. Communism denied the existence of God, called religion the opium of the people, and made efforts to destroy it. By this, it also contradicted its message of freedom. Undoubtedly, its liberation plans were directed against God.

Historical materialism supported the belief in social justice and the historical inevitability of a communist revolution. But at the same time, in those countries where socialist revolutions took place, the kind of society as it was supposed to become according to the theory of historical materialism was not built. Moreover, the social systems they developed turned out to be anti-people in their essence. Thus, by now, the communist ideal had been completely discredited by life itself.