Writing and etymology in Korean
하나님 [hananim] – God
主義 (주의) [chui] – doctrine, ideology

A world united with God’s love is what Godism is all about. It is based on the true love of the Creator. It can be otherwise called the ideology of true love. Likewise, it speaks of giving, giving and forgetting what one has given.

In this present age, we need a universal ideology that extends far beyond globalism, and that ideology is nothing less than Godism. Until we have Godism at the core of our lives, and until we establish a clear standard by which we feel God’s Shimjeong in body and soul, we will never be happy.

Godism is about becoming completely one with God. Current democracy completely excludes God, while communism considers only matter and man. Universal ideology, on the other hand, unites man and God. On its basis, we try to bring the whole world to one dominion, with God at the head.

Godism does not accept life for itself. It teaches giving and living for others. It is an ideology that puts others before the individual. It is the ideology of forefathers, which puts ancestors first. It is also a head-wing ideology, similar to the ideology of the Parents, playing the role of mediator between communism and democracy.

We need to transcend the cultural limitations created by the multitude of peoples and five races living on Earth, and unify these cultures into one single cultural realm. In other words, we need to build an ideal world under the dominion of the family, social and national system, as well as other institutions based on Godism. This is not communism or democracy.

Godism is not individualism or family or clan ideology, nor is it racism or nationalism. It is a universal ideology. No matter how hard a man, trapped within the walls of individualism, tries to enter the world of universal ideology, he will not succeed. If one is limited to the confines of the family and thinks to himself: “Hmmm… What’s going on in the world doesn’t concern me; the only thing I care about is my children and my father and mother!” then he will never get out of that framework. He will be entangled in them forever. Who will break down these barriers erected around families who are trying to protect themselves and fight with each other?

Those who long for God’s love must weep much. Their tears must not dry up! Those who are trying to find God, however, must shed sweat. They are to find the heart of a parent and the body of a servant, and thus sacrifice and serve, taking the position of Abel in relation to mankind, giving all that they have from a pure heart. And as they give, they should not boast about it before others, but rather feel ashamed that they could not give more. This is what Godism is all about.