Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universally Shared Values

Writing and etymology in Korean
공생 공영 공의주의
[kongsaeng kongyeong kongi-jui]
共 (공) – common, together
生 (생) – life
榮 (영) – glory, honor
義 (의) – righteousness, justice
主義 (주의) – 'ism', doctrine

The societies that humans have created throughout history have been only an imperfect imitation of the society the Heavenly Parent intended, a society built on the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared Values to which the original human soul seeks.

Following the voice of original nature, people are increasingly striving, consciously or unconsciously, for an ideal world in which all live happily, in harmony and mutual cooperation, outside the framework created by national boundaries or skin color. Such a society is like a big family, where all people are aware that they are sons and daughters of the Heavenly Parent and that they are brothers and sisters to each other. It is a world of freedom, harmony, and unity.

When we understand that the political model is an extended form of the family, there will be no antagonistic relationship between candidates for public office. Their candidacy will be based on a vocation to serve others.

Mutual prosperity, based on the love of the Heavenly Parent, is the essence of the ideology of interdependence. The basic unit of coexistence in society is the family. Although legally all property would be owned by the parents, in practice it would be owned by the entire family.

There can be no greed or corruption in such an environment. Similarly, there can be no emphasis on national or regional interests incompatible with the goal in the name of the common. The goal of economic activity is the general welfare, not merely the pursuit of profit.

The ideology of mutual prosperity pursues policies that realize the ideals of freedom, equality, and happiness.

When perfect people realize a world of supreme love, where goodness and righteousness are voluntarily practiced in the family as well as in society, this will be the world of heavenly ways and righteousness, that is, the ideal world.