World Wars

Writing and etymology in Korean
世界 (세계) [segye] – world
大 (대) [tae] – big
戰 (전) [jeon] – battle

The wars that accompany the rise and fall of many nations are the inevitable result of the path of restoring the dominion of good. All the conflicts and wars our world has witnessed since the beginning of history have essentially been battles between the parties who represent relative evil and those who are more on the side of good.

World wars have arisen as the result of clashes between vast numbers of people on a global scale by their free will. Consequently, we cannot comprehend the providential significance of world wars if we consider only their external causes–political, economic and ideological.

At the end of human history, the evil side and the good side seek to establish their dominion over the world; hence the confrontation between the two worlds, the democratic and the communist. Thus, the inevitability of world wars, which should lead first to a complete separation and then to the unification of the two worlds, is obvious.

The aim of the first and second world wars was to divide the globe into communist and democratic blocks. But this must be followed by another world conflict to unite the two worlds. This conflict will be a Third World War; it is inevitable, but there are two possible ways of waging it.

The first is to subjugate the evil side by force of arms and thus unify the world. But an ideal world in which humanity would live in joy cannot result from defeating the enemy in an armed confrontation. In the end, the internal surrender of the world of evil must be achieved so that all people can be reconciled, and be able to share in sincere joy that comes from the depths of their hearts.

The second option of waging war is the way of an exclusively internal, ideological struggle without the use of weapons The result of which should be the voluntary surrender of the world of evil and the unification of the whole world. Humans are sentient beings, so a perfect unified world will be achieved when they learn to yield to one another, and having experienced a deep inner rebirth, take part in the process of unification. What form of war will actually take depends on how well people fulfill their responsibility.

The Third World War is the last global conflict in the history of mankind, through which the good presupposes to build an ideal world, subjugating the world of evil to the world of good. To accomplish this task, a perfect ideology must be born, capable of satisfying the desires of the original nature of human beings.