The End

Writing and etymology in Korean

단 [tan] (native)

Everything has a start and an end. Both good and bad things, once started, will someday end. If it is something good, it may take a long time for it to bear fruit, but the results will go down in history. If it is something bad, the results will show up immediately.

In good deeds, the “alpha” and “omega” are the same. That’s why people whose beginning confirms the end are ultimately victorious and wonderful people.

When someone speaks, one must listen and evaluate the words as follows: are the beginning and the end the same; in whose favor is it spoken (purpose and direction); and by whom is it said (motive)?

From the moment you were born, the end of your life was already predetermined. When life ends, your body will cease to exist. And then in the same way you were once born, on the day you die, you will be reborn as a child.

If you think you have become too old, that is the total end. In that case, you will indeed grow old and decrepit quickly. Even though you’re getting older, you have to keep thinking about what you still have to do so that you don’t lose your fortitude and energy. Without losing your fortitude, you can overcome any difficulties and remain healthy. Your inner worldview has great power.

If we are destined to live one way or another, may our lives be wonderful, our struggles beautiful and our end miraculous.